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EDIT Zeke Husky posted this. Nothing disturbs me more than creatures inside me.

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Think vaccines are bad for children?

The MMR Autism Scam

Does anyone fact check anymore?

Edit: Does Mera spell check anymore?
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In less than 30 seconds of watching Fox News, I discovered Obama (and his administration) was to blame for the oil spill.
So a President of less than two years is responsible for the oil spill.
Not BP
Not the company who owned the platform.
Not Halliburton (who contracted with BP on the oil well)
Not the previous administration (who were mostly oil men themselves and in the White House for 8 years of this fiasco in the making)
Not the people who desperately wanted to put even more wells in the Gulf ("Drill, baby, drill!").*

Thank you, Bill O'Reilly.
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Well hello there LJ! Miss me?

Happy Birthday slyphox!!!
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My Mail client has not shown me any messages from LJ since sometime in January! If I did not reply to your reply now you know why. :-P
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It was a weird weekend. I totally forgot about the Jax picnic(*) (by the time I remembered I was driving in the other direction), but I did end up hanging out with some friends. I had a lot of fun Saturday night (if I did drink a bit too much).
Sunday I woke up with everything out of kilter. I should have left for home right away but stuck around and dragged down a dreary day. I apologize to my hosts for being out of sorts. I ended up driving home later than I usually would and when I got home my cable was out again.
I am switching providers at the end of the week.

(*)there was another reason I didn't go to the picnic but I am not sharing. Make up whatever drama you want. :-P
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I have both a shortwave radio collection and a calculator collection of sorts.


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Post Con Diarrhea is a terrible thing. Feeling better now though. :-P

FWA 2010 was full of awesome! I would like to thank the staff, my friends, and even stranger for making it lots of fun!
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One in a series (maybe)...

When I was in high school, I was seriously conservative / objectivist and thought Ayn Rand was the shit!

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