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merashallan's Journal

24 November
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I am into electronics, computers, and I like to help others when I have time. I am a closet furry and consider myself a Generic Mutant Fur. Yes, I am gay - so what?

If you need a friend to talk to or a voyuer to show off to I am there for you ;-)

Character description:
MerasHallan is a hybrid wolf-dog and bear(!). He is muscular but not muscle-bound, but like a bear he has a little bit of weight about him. He carries it well :-)
MerasHallan inherits many of his characteristics from the odd combination of species in his makeup. He can be generous, but also posessive. He is loyal, but sometimes insists on being in charge. He can be very caring, but he has a temper when roused. He is intelligent, but sometimes acts like he has no social skills. Underneath it all, MerasHallan is a little insecure and just wants to be loved. Just don't wake the beast within him, unless that is what you want!
MerasHallan is very technically adept and enjoys using his skills to help others. He can be very skillful with all things electronic and gives away lots of toys when he can.
MerasHallan enjoys male compoanionship.